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Design & Color Trends of Spring/Summer 2020

Design & Color Trends of Spring/Summer 2020

When it comes to designing our home, we want to reflect the latest colours and materials. Each year designers and experts predict these colourand material trends shaping the decor and design decisions for people around the globe. We bring to you the design and material trends for 2020:

• Prints and patterns:

For 2020, we expect both animal and tropical prints to make a come back in the design sphere. Be it tropical wallpapers or animal print benches, each of them is a statement in itself and tops the spring 2020 home décor trends. People who wish to add subtlety to their spaces can dive into the plethora of chintz prints which add both grace and beauty to the homes. No matter which way you sway, these prints and patterns in color trends 2020 will definitely brighten up the space.

Fanusta Floral Chair
Fanusta Nishaat Cushion
Fanusta Animal Bench
Fanusta Geometric Cabinet

• Materials:

Every home has a different vibe of its own. Decor for our house is not only limited to soft prints, it is a huge expansion into use of different materials which give out character to our homes. This season use terrazzo and marble to bring a cool and refreshing feel into homes. Add ceramic and concrete to your decor to celebrate the earthy essence of your home. Raw wood in its original form creates a very warm and welcoming to the decor.

Fanusta Marble Console
Fanusta Marble Tray Concept
Fanusta Brown Tv Unit
Fanusta Ceramic Dinner Set

• Colors:

This season is filled with soft, pastel colours. It includes pale, powdery hues of pink- Bombay Pink, first light and mauve. Another range of colours by experts that will be top interior design trends 2020 and you'll be tempted to incorporate into your home this year are the Nature Inspired Hues that invite serenity into your home. Mint Whisper, Grey Brook, Tempered Sage, Secluded Garden. For people who love bright colours, this season brings Kingdom Gold, Endless Sea, Eros Pink, and shades of mango to umber.
With this wide spectrum of design inspiration this season, innumerable experiments with decor are underway. Share your idea of the perfect decor for your home using these trends with us and we will let you know what the experts think of it.

Fanusta Pink Chair
Fanusta Mustard Chair