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Rajasthani Paintings: The Legendry Indian Art

Rajasthani Paintings: The Legendry Indian Art

Searching for Indian elements for wall decor? offers surprisingly affordable Rajasthani Wall Art to instantly update your room with a touch of Indian ethnic charm.

Pichwai Painting

Bring home this beautiful Pichwai painting to add a touch of ethnic, traditional and spiritual touch to your living room. The Pichwai art regards the devotional pictures on cloth. This hand-painted work emphasises on Lord Krishna in the form of Shrinathji from the religious town of Nathdwara, Rajasthan. This 400 year old art form is crested through the medium of water colours on cloth and adds a touch of royalty through the minimalistic yet appreciative use of gold.

The painting not only appreciates the brightness of colours through the figure’s attire but also through the subtleness of the background. Not only to focusing the beauty of Lord Krishna’s face, ornaments and well-detailed colourful dresses with white and pink garlands one cannot ignore the lotuses and natural essence in the background encouraging the uniqueness of this art work.
The painting comes with a hand painted border that complements the blue shaded background.
This art piece not only accessorizes your wall but will also add a graceful beauty to your home through its charm and positivity. The wooden frame of this painting adds on the finishing touch and would give the completeness to you home needs.


Ragini Paintings

Give a Rajasthanilook to your room through these miniature paintings famously known as the Ragini Paintings. The hand-made art is done on wood using water colours giving a sheer and subtle effect to the painting. The painting has a light coloured background with a female figure as the centre of focus portrayed in theek-chashm view, wearing detailed colourful attire. The side profile of the lady drives its beauty from her big eyes and accessories around the face.The painting depicts the seasons through the plants, animals and birds in it.

The clouds and ground along with the hand-painted border gives it an additional detail enhancing the beauty of the painting.
These hand-painted art works are unique in their own way due to the grace and medieval essence they carry. These beautiful pieces of art will give a classic yet contemporary hint to your space.

Miniature Paintings

Give an ethnic touch to your space with our range of these beautiful hand-painted animal miniature paintings. This detailed painting has a variety of vibrant colours giving it a lively appearance. The art work is on a black silk cloth with finely detailed thick border in square shape further followed by a vignette effect. The animals are placed in the centre, beautifully decorated with ornaments and colourful pieces of cloth adding a royal Rajasthani look.