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The Magic of CANDLES all over!

The Magic of CANDLES all over!

Nothing says, 'Home Sweet Home' more delightful than flickering of a beautiful candle flame. Do you agree?

Candles are a glorious way to add warmth and style to your home. They also release a refreshing aroma that fragrances and freshens the air. It’s not about the aroma of candles, but when it comes to home decor, it fulfills the purpose of being colorful and charming with no artificial lights. Possibly, if you get the right ones, they smell like amazing and takesyou to the fantasy of being in heaven. It doesn’t matter where you decide to place the candles, they will end up in creating a warm and welcoming environment not only for you, but also for your guests. Cluster them, use a variety of scents; you can prefer going for scented soy candles, they are too soothing; or it can be unscented too, a variety of heights, and get some gorgeous candle holders; nowadays, you get an ample variety of candle holders like votive candle holders, rustic candle holders,rustic wood candle holders, buddha candle holder, and the craving one is wooden candlestick holders; they all turn out to be charming when placed in your home.

Out of everything, let’s take a look at some amazing ways to decorate every room of your home with the magic of candles, glance a bit:

• Coffee Table: We all believe that coffee tables should be of equal parts - stylish and functional. Having a gorgeous decorated coffee table comes into play when you are back at your home after the tiring hours at work. To enhance a bit more, you can keep a decorative tray filled with some flowers, candles, candies and of course coffee. The best way out is to read a book or something. A variety of candles not only brings in amazing scent, but also ends up in adding the pop of color to your coffee table.

• Desk Decor: We already know that the colorful our work space is, the most inspired we become whilst working; for this candles are the best way to upgrade your inspiration. You can either place a few candles around your desk for the pop of prettiness or you can place in a beautiful tray at the side of your desk. To make it a bit different, you can also opt for soy wax candles. If you are thinking where to buy soy wax, then we are here to help you out. Check out our collection. Amazing shot, Right?

Male & Female Figurine Wooden Piller Candle Holder

• Bookshelves: To make it believe, candles always style our bookshelves, even if we don’t like to read much. You can place them on top of the books, or you can group them all-together using your favorite trinket collection. Try to choose candles in the same color for the books you are choosing or you can opt for neutral color candles which can be blended with any book color.

• Kitchen: When we are setting up for some dinner party or simply preparing food, we love that the warm surroundings must be with us; therefore, these candles can accomplish this moment. They end up giving your kitchen a glow, thus making it cute decor. Try to set up candles on the countertop so that it can elevate the entire look. Beautiful to imagine!

Mercury Glass Votive Candles

NOTE: Make sure you keep them away from your little ones or any material that can catch fire.

A Final Saying: So, what are your ideas for decorating the place with candles? Let us know in the comment section below. If you are looking for some varieties regarding the same, then we have something really beautiful to make your place delightful and also, you will find the enchanting aroma diffuser in India with us. Explore now to know more about it!

Thanks for reading!