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The Magic of Marble only with Fanusta

The Magic of Marble only with Fanusta

Throughout the history, the invention of sculptors has experimented with the comprehensive range of mediums. Whilst carved wood, fired clay, and cast bronze has made long-lasting impressions, but nothing has been captivated like the magic of marble. Agreed? Prevalent in contemporary and ancient art alike, the artwork of marble has a special place in all the major art museums and are one of the gorgeous forms of sculptures globally.

Marble as a Sculptural Material

The famous stone recognized by everyone is termed as MARBLE which is a metamorphic rock; it is formed within the structure of igneous or sedimentary rocks by heat or with extreme pressure. The majority of sculptors adore marble because, whilst relatively easy to work on and soft when first quarried, it becomes dense and hard with age, but the availability of marble comes in different patterns and shades. White marbles are prized for art sculpture because of their homogeneity and isotropy, also resistance. Marble can also be treated as the highly polished element, thus making it ideal for the decorative purpose(s). Not to forget, marble is a weather resistant too. There are different types of marble stated: Parian, Pentelic, and Carrara. Marble can be expensive because of its rare attribute, but its worth the money. You can get the best out of everything with marble.

The Elements of Marble in Ancient Country


Egyptians truly employed the numerous varieties of stones, whilst granite and marble were their mediums of choice, somehow, they used marble to craft beautiful figures and inspirations of gods, guardians for tombs and palaces and pharaohs. Just like the Mesopotamian figures that dogged before, marble pieces also showcased themselves in the version of sculptures and for decoration purposes. Just for some information, if you are looking for marble statue online or marble god statues online in particular, then explore our collection of statues and figurines. You will love it! Back to the grind, marble plays a vital role in every concept, be it our daily lives, decoration purposes, gifting purposes or just for the favorite kind of feeling. The choice of keeping and adoring marble is yours!


Not to forget, Rome is famous for their artwork in making sculptures, especially in the form of marbles - Busts or portraits and marble statues of Greek bronzes. Not to forget, the flavor of marble statues is still on the top notch, especially for those who are into the collection of ancient history or love to glam up their space with the touch of marble. Buy statues online on our website from our range which includes modern marble figurines to classic marble statues.

Fanusta offers not only sculptures and showpieces in marble but also marble tray, marble coasters, marble table(s), marble stool(s), and more. We have rounded up few of our favorites in marble that can fit in both traditional to contemporary homes. Have a look!

White Marble Face Sculpture
Gold Plated Elephant Showpiece
Sheep Showpiece
Stone Inlay Work Marble Coaster Set
Inlay Work Marble Tray