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The world needs your prismatic soul to outshine!

The world needs your prismatic soul to outshine!

Adding a spark to the dark and gloomy room has always been a challenge for every design freak out there. Color is a power that directly influences the soul of the viewer. There are several easy ways to decorate your bedroom and transfer it into a brighter aboard. Finding the perfect amount of lighting for your room may be a bit challenging but it would be fun for those colorful souls out there as it the most fundamental rule of every designing theory out there. Following are some of the best ideas to brighten up those dark rooms of yours.

The perfect mirror arrangement near light sources

My Uniquely Living

Image Source: My Uniquely Living

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It is kind of an ancient method to brighten up a dark space by using a mirror against a light source which can be sunlight or an artificial light source. For example; showing the usage of both the lightings as when there is a source of sunlight somewhere in the room, then place the on the opposite wall to it as it will amplify the effect of sunlight in the whole room. But if there is no way of sunlight in the room, then you can use an artificial source that may be a table lamp or a floor lamp according to the need of the place or we can say the space in the room to adjust some stuff. Fanusta bedroom designs will provide you the whole range of such designs which will help you out in such condition if that confuses you around as that is our only goal to satisfy your needs.

Fairy lights or some aromatic candles with light hues

Room Interior Idea
Fanusta Candle Holder

Sometimes overdoing of the luminosity of the room is not needed to most of the people as they prefer just a touch lighter. In such condition; fairy lights, orb lights, and other ambient lights is a good option. It will not only provide you the perfect luminosity that you want, but also provide a therapeutic touch to the room for the stress relieving that is very common in these days. That provides you a bohemian look or a cozy hygge-like atmosphere to your room. This aura will make all the furniture lie in a place and will feel chic.

Combination of dark background with light furniture

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Fanusta Chair

We usually leave the thought that furniture also plays a very big role in our interior and also in the color theory of our bedroom. Some people choose the furniture lastly either according to their budget or just according to their choice or what will lie best together in all type of furniture. Let us consider a condition of a dark room paired with dull grey or dark colored furniture. Will it outshine your space? Ahh, a big no no. So, pair up your dark room with light colored furniture or any vibrant piece of furniture. A light-colored sofa with the dark background will make the place look more vibrant and bigger. You can also use the transparent furniture table instead of wooden tables as it dulls out the whole ambience of the room.

Go for the light-colored home furnishings

Pottery Barn

Image Source: Pottery Barn

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Simplify the room décor with light colored curtains on those windows that will allow the light source to glow out in the whole room while also giving your room that fancy look with the curtain. Whether preferring a blackout curtain or a light drape curtain, the light shades of beige or gray will best suit the whole background of your room.

Upper facing lights

Fanusta Wall Art
Fanusta Palm Tree

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The upper facing lights on the walls will cut out the dingy look of the room that creates a gloomy effect. When you add the walls or ceilings with the lights, you infuse every corner of the room with the warmness of the light, making it spacious looking and cozy at the same time. Pot lights are the best when used at the corners as it provides you the elegance when it cast out light down the walls giving it a royal look to your room.

The interior design services at Fanusta is the one stop destination that you are looking for to boost up your dark room with the perfectly applied theory that will enhance the look of your room and giving it the best look, it deserves. As it says, if everyone would look for that uniqueness, then we would have a very colorful world. We are here to introduce those beautiful colors to your life. We have worked hardly to make interior designing in Jaipur the best experience and also expanding it to a very big market with the time and also providing you the online services to get the perfect interior designing experience that to on your doorsteps.