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  1. Blue Flower Vase

    As low as Rs.2,699.00
  2. Naomi Green Jar

    As low as Rs.1,649.00
  3. Antique Green Egyptian Vase

    As low as Rs.2,309.00
  4. Leaf Lid Antique Green Decorative Jar

    As low as Rs.1,319.00
  5. Naomi Metal Bottle Candle Holder

    As low as Rs.1,539.00
  6. Silver Egyptian Vase With Leaf Lid

    As low as Rs.2,859.00
  7. Nishaat Floral Terracotta Vase

    As low as Rs.2,650.00
  8. Aaghaaz Terracotta Planter Medium

    As low as Rs.1,150.00
  9. Nishaat Terracotta Decor Jar

    As low as Rs.1,650.00
  10. Aaghaaz Terracotta Planter

    As low as Rs.530.00
  11. Nishaat Terracotta Planter

    As low as Rs.1,250.00
  12. Nishaat Flamingos Terracotta Vase

    As low as Rs.2,299.00
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Items 1-30 of 42

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Decorative Jars and Vases for every corner

One always dreams about the perfect home. You want it to be a testimonial of your own personality. Including decor items that speaks for you, from wall art, figurines, sculptures to little decor accents like trays, decorative boxes, jars and vases. Fanusta enables you to create a home of your dreams and choose from a plethora of variety in decor items.

With the ability to buy home decor items online, the choices have increased and a lot of products can be bought over a distance. For all your decor needs, Fanusta is a place that will cover every aspect of your home. Any corner of the house can be ramped up with the perfect decor accent that blends amiably with the entire ambience of the room. Get the best home decor products online and build a home that you adore with Fanusta.

Handmade Jars and Vases, connecting roots


ith our range of handmade blue pottery Jaipur, a very popular craft in the city, you will find beautiful vases and decor items that will add colour to your space. From a range of home décor products, buy online the best accent pieces made by the hardworking hands of our local artisans that connects you to the roots of the traditional art. For vintage lovers, you will find the best collection of traditional vases and the ceramic vases that will make your furniture glow with its vibrant colour scheme. You can also buy modern decorative vases and decor jars that will create a beautiful ambience aligning perfectly with your trendy interiors.

Including a vase in your living room decor can make your space fulfilling and inviting. From many shapes and sizes, choose the vase that suits your interior. The decorative vases and flower vases online at Fanusta are our specialty as all our pieces are handmade with love. Designed to create a warm feel in the house, these decorative jars and designer flower vases will give you the value for price and The decorative tea pot table décor is the antique piece that will be loved by the luxury lovers and who loves to show off as this piece is very elegant and simple at the same time.

Big floor flower vases for your foraged fall branches

Designed for the nature lovers, our flower vases will bring joyful vibes to your abode. Next time you spend some time in the woods and bring the nature with you, our floor vases will be the best to hop in the big branches to easily fit them and give you the feel of nature in your living room. From traditional pottery vases to metal vases in modern designs you can find the apt fit for your flowers and branches. A terracotta vase will look good with the Indian interiors while glass flower vases give a modern look. Put a long flower vase in any corner of your room to liven up the dead space.

Give your home a fun display with these eccentric flower vases, creating dramatic feel in the house all around the year. Vases online are available in a lot of materials, like solid wood vase, glass vase, terracotta vase, metal vase and many other. This wide variety to buy vases online in India is available at Fanusta.

Exclusive Vases for different uses

The perfect vase can add a lot of grace to your room. There are a lot of vases available in different sizes. To buy the best vase for your room, you must understand the space better. A floor vase is above 12 inches in height and will look good when placed alone in an empty corner. Buy large vases online to give your plants the perfect place to fit in your homes. A small vase can be placed on the top of the table or console to enhance its look. A small planter can be used as an office accessory or little desk accessory to add a little nature in your room. Use your flower vases to store artificial flowers as well as natural flowers as they will ramp up any place. The flower pots and vases can be placed indoors as well as outdoors to as per your design requirements. Large terracotta vases can be placed There is something to suit every corner of your home in our flower pot and vases category.

Style your console with Jars

Designer jars give a very chic look to your console table. You can create an eclectic area just by putting a simple table against a wall and adding few glass jars and a wall art for that space. At Fanusta, you can find accent jars in different shapes and sizes made with various materials. From glass jars to metal jars and even wooden jars. All these can be used as desk accessories and enhance the look of your room. Simply buy decorative jars online from the comfort of your home and add to your decor collection. Our Antique Pink Cylindrical Glass Vases are the best decorative jars for designing your console and center tables. Multiple designs in the decor jars can be mixed together to give a more quirky look to your area. You can buy large jars to be create a dramatic corner. We offer decor items online to fulfil the needs of modern homes with a touch traditional art. Our decor accents online are one of the most eccentric pieces you will come across over the internet.

Flower vase shopping is now easier than ever with Fanusta. Just select the product you want to buy and checkout. With our fast delivery and efficient services, your online flower vases will reach to you in no time. Hurry up to grab the best décor products online at Fanusta which will grab anybody’s attention while accessed. To get a rich luxurious look for your home add table decor, wall art, candles and fragrances, bedsheets available online for your perusal. Get amazing decor online at reasonable prices to give your home a stylish makeover.