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Founded in 2016, is a curated marketplace of home decor and furniture. It was born in the heritage heart of India - city of Jaipur, with a vision of rediscovering the lost Indian art and re-defining the individuality of craftspeople and their craft.

The name 'Fanusta' is represented by two words, 'Fan' an Arabic word meaning Art and 'Usta' a Turkish word which means Master, and much like its name 'Master of Art', the brand aims to open doors of opportunity and exposure for master artists and craftspeople on a global stage.

India is worldwide known for its rich culture and heritage, but the traditional art and crafts have been lost in the transition towards mass production. Our goal is to bring back this lost Indian culture and craft with modern aesthetics and innovation.

We, at Fanusta, are directly working with 59 master artisans from India who create elegant, handcrafted decor solutions for household, Villas, commercial properties and hotels, utilizing local material and timeless craftsmanship. By partnering with small businesses and family enterprises of these artisans, we create one-of-a-kind home goods that are an amalgamation of modern style and age-old techniques. offers an exquisite range of handmade decor, wall art, home fragrance, handmade furniture and lighting. The brand connects the artisanal craft to its end customer directly, which means no middlemen, leading to fair wages to the artisans, a global platform to their art and reasonable priced high-quality luxury goods to our customer.


Fanusta was started with a simple aim in mind, bridging the gap between local Indian artisans and customers through the medium of art. The company's disruptive business model works through elimination of middlemen and directing the motion of advantage towards artisans, creating a direct link between the customers and the craftspeople.

These artists working with the company are considered a part of the team and are paid fixed regular remuneration throughout the process of completion of an order.

The elimination of middlemen puts an end to the price game, under-payment as well as creative restriction and results into a product that is crafted with expertise and is priced fairly.

The process initiates from Fanusta Design studio, where the market trends and designs are studied and converted aesthetically into the exclusive design of decor and merchandises.

Business Process

  • The process initiates from Fanusta Design studio, where the market trends and demands are studied and converted aesthetically into exclusive design of decor and living merchandises.
  • Suitable and relevant Artisans identified after rigorous research are involved in co -creating these designs.
  • These designs are handcrafted with traditional age-old skills, keeping the modern aesthetics and high quality of the final products.

The products go through different levels of quality checks throughout the manufacturing life cycle chain as well as post completion, once satisfied they are then delivered to the customer.

Social Impact

  • Creating new opportunities for artisans
  • Sustaining the traditional crafts of India
  • Re-investing in local craftsmanship
  • Fair trade

The lifecycle of product creation provides a global platform to the craftspeople and their work. They are equipped with new knowledge and freedom to innovate while utilizing their traditionally acquired skills to create tailored products. It is much more than just a process of creating unique décor for every space, it is a process of empowering local artisans ensuring them with fair wages and opportunities.

*All products showcased on the website are 100 percent authentic with their actual photographs. ensures high quality packaging to avoid damage during transportation.


  • 59 Master craftspeople and artists from across India
  • Curated handmade artefacts for home and living
  • Joining hands to co-create and celebrate creative freedom of Indian Artisans
  • FANUSTA- Rediscovering Indian Art
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