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Kishangarh Lore

Kishangarh Lore is a gamut of local treasures imbued with traditional craft. It’s a modern take on age-old motifs with unparalleled skills and modern color palette lending a sense of sophistication and style to your home decor.

Kishangarh Lore

To show your artistic taste and create a refined interior, explore the fascinating work of the artists across India celebrating their artistic freedom through the oldest art form- Painting.

Blue Pottery

A fusion of traditional craft and timeless motifs exquisitely hand-painted with finesse, Blue Pottery is a distinctive craft of Jaipur. Artisans from Pink City bring classic motifs to everyday design inspiration in modern silhouettes to fill your space with the eye-catching richness of brimming blue hue.


Drawing inspiration from the global design aesthetics and mingled with authentic Indian crafts, our range of sculptural wall murals and wall art décor are designed to bring life to drab walls and create inspiring interiors.


The selection of Ceramics at Fanusta is a flawless blend of rustic textures, minimal designs and muted tones to capture the everlasting beauty of this raw craft while bringing the collection in new age. Handmade using clay, this traditional art form is a poetic expression of a potter’s aesthetic taste to craft products that are modern yet simplistic in look.

Metal Engraving- Moradabad

The marvelous detailing of intricate motifs, all by hand, defines this fine art of metal engraving. Fanusta works with a cluster of craftsmen from the 'brass city' of India- Moradabad, to bring the exquisite craft to your home in contemporary colors and chic designs in the form of decorative trays, boxes, platters, sculptures, and more. Each product is hand-carved and hand-painted to suit modern taste.

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